Picnics and party rings

I have barely done much over the lastc couple of days other then cleaning out my studio and painting a desk in my bedroom, I have been working really hard on my illustrations, but i am finding it hard, when i scan the image onto my computer and the picture becomes really blurred, i am working on hard tp creating prints for my Etsy and Folksy Site to sell. I am really wanting to use my own scanner, does anyone also know of any good paper to use for watercolours? One that is alot less bumpy but still has around 300gsm?

I hope you guys have had a great tuesday i have spent the day in Cassio Park with one of my good friends Debbie it is her 22nd birhtday tomorrow, and i decided that instead of buying her a rubbish crappy present because i am really bad at buying for people i thought i would paint her a picture. This i guess is a version of Debbie’s Alter Ego. She really liked it so i was really pleased. We feed ourselves on party rings and apple juice whilst being attacked by dogs and wasps was a wonderful day.

I am really glad all you guys are liking my ‘what i wore’ i would love to publish a book but do i have the patients to draw what i wear and do everyday….? haha unlikely but i think it would be something i would be interested in seein as i am not the most photogenic of people. Its been really great hearing all the feed back from poeple on my new illustrations. Makes me rather happy. I have a job interview via the Telephone tomorrow with Harrods…im quite nervous but i am not fussed i am going to take it as it comes i think best way.

I have been doing some really geeky research on Etsy about pricing and target market groups, it would be fantastic to hear some feed back? Ethier head over to my Etsy site because it has some new Original drawings and necklaces and if you could let me know what you think of pricing and what you think about the things that i am selling? And how much would  people be willing to pay for the things that i am selling Original paintings and Prints.



  1. August 4, 2010 / 3:23 pm

    I think you are so completely and utterly talented Ella. For some reason I can never see any of the images on etsy? I have no idea why. but obviously it annoys my like crazy as I'd love to buy on there.

    Your work is exactly the type of stuff I'd like to buy. I love buying original art. I love the work you do. I'm going to see if I can work out why I can't see anything on Etsy then hopefully I can choose a few prints to buy.

    The pricing looks perfectly fine!

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