memories and cut knees

I am in sucha weird mood, loads of people are going back to study and live in falmouth, and i wont be heading back for another year! Well thats if i save enough money, its so frustrating i have a place on the course but had to defer and move back to london to save! Argh kinda sucks so im on the hunt for sponsorship and funding for my Masters Degree in illustration, i am so excited for when i go back i could actually cry for everyone that hasn’t visited falmouth before is such a magical and fantastic place, my heart misses it. Seriously some of the best moments of my life were spent there 🙂 and my wonderful mate and gorgeous boyfriend were all discovered there…. take a look at some old photos….And maybe im in a weird mood because i fell over earlier well i say that but i tripped over a small fence missed 3 concrete steps outside my house and landed smack on the concrete path cutting my leg, ankle open and sole of my foot open 🙁 also twisting my ankle (which i broke before few years ago never got if fixed) and what feels like 3 broken toes, so im all bruised and missing fally….


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