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This is my little submission for a childrens book competition about the the seaside, earth and moon, i couldnt fit it in my scanner heance the fact  the top is chopped off, its just a little piece i have been working on for half a day or so, i am working alot harder on my illustrations preping myself for my new illustration website that i am really excitied about my boyfriend is a right whiz with websites. My days recently have been filled with job interviews and wathcing most haunted with my little bro whilst i work on my drawings.i have been scanning in endless pages of my moleskin sketchbooks it takes forever for my sketchbook pages of my website. have a wee peek.

© These images are all copywrite to ella masters 09-10

I am trying to adapted my drawing skills to fit in with or of the childrens book theme and i am really enjoying doing it. I have been in email conversation with mandy sutcliffe from Belle and boo, wonderful illusration of belle and her pet rabbit boo, they are really adorable creations and it would be dream to work for them. I asked mandy how she started to sell her illustrations she suggested Etsy, i do have an etsy sight but i feel i have neglected it some what, so now i am going to work and fill it with things people would like to buy more cards, especially for christmas.


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  1. September 10, 2010 / 8:02 pm

    I love Belle & Boo! So cool you have been chatting to the illustrator 😀

    Ella these are some of my favourites of yours! The snuggly kitties and scarfs 😀 x

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