I know alot of you out there are into fitness and well-being. Some of my friends from falmouth are obsessed with surfing and keeping fit, if your not exactly in the best place (well not by the sea) you can keep on your toes using a coolboard, its made in Bristol. These boards are fantastic for balancing. if you want to find out more and prices head over to the website and also its coming upto christmas so why not?

Your probably thinking oh what is ella talking about coolboards when she illustrates, well i personally think these fantastic boards are great and i have a good mate who rates them too, i have used a wobble board before on instruction from my doctor when i broke my ankle its meant to strength your ankles, legs and im pretty sure it would tone your thighs i kinda need that!

You can also for any information or wanna see the latest news head over the the coolBoards blog 

(by the way these are my own options i am not being paid in anyway for this post, i am helping a friend out and this product is well worth a look so i thought i would share it with the world)


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