Curious candles and tea cups

I have recently been working hard on re-branding all my creations and setting my typography to be perfect for all my self initiated little projects. I am currently working on my Curious Candle collection, its all about taking recycled or vintage teacups and making them into new and exciting candles. All handmade. I have been working on the font and packaging for these candles. Working through all different types of cardboard for printing and also it they should be screen printed by hand or hand-drawn for quirkiness.

Here are a few designs or sketches should i say….

I saw a similar idea on a hot chocolate that my boyfriend bought me from a shop called Baileys outside ludlow. It came with a card tag on the top with instructions this is similar to what i want to make but it will be for a candle so the wick goes through the top of the cardboard. I am still working on the style for it but this is the Idea at the moment.

And above a new venture of mine and joe, i have created these handmade brooches all lovely and gold. On each of  the brooches is a little teacup all hand-painted and pretty special. I am going to invest in Gocco machine i think well eventually and i would really love to start screen printing again.


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