Inspiration from Viviane Schwarz

I think i am just having one of those days where my To-do list is massive and soo unattainable that i feel so overwhelmed by the simplest of tasks like loading images onto my Folksy whilst browsing through my twitter i saw viviane Schwarz and thought i might just go on her blog and then i went onto the interview link
I love her accent for a start and she seems so genuine about illustration and her work and she really made me realise that its all about passion in illustration and not about getting people to like your work, i have been feeling rather lost after graduating and moving back home to london, some days you can feel quite un-inspired and you can create work that isn’t really adequate enough it needs to be excellent and i think i need to find that passion again, just after i have another cup of tea….4th one of the day and it is only 10:51 am…

The tiniest dummy book ever Images courtesy of Mouse hunter blog

There are no cats in this book, by Viviane Schwarz, image courtesy of seven possible things before breakfast


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  1. October 19, 2010 / 1:24 pm

    thanks for introducing her to me! i love it!

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