pumpkins and teacups

So today has been a weird mix because the clocks went back i woke up at would normally be 8:30 and it was 7:30 i was quite happy because it makes my day longer and i am able to put more into it! After a massive crafting shop yesterday at hobby craft that hardly had anything i was looking for resulting in online shopping today 🙂 I got really excited about buying shrink plastic today, i have so many wonderful ideas of what i want to create. I felt rather Christmassy today i have been creating handmade babuls hand-crafted by me.

I did feel christmassy whilst carving a pumpkin, i decided to carve the pumpkin with my lino cutter but alas when you need something you can never find it, so i improvised and use a pair of nail scissors haha it worked perfectly! 

My attempt to make a mexican death mask style pumpkin…

                        And this is the final result i called her beryl im notsure why!?

 Scary stuff hey?

Between creating pumpkins and helping mum cook i have been spending the day creating new designs for my teacup brooches and packaging them all up and making them look pretty, trying my very hardest to be neat and tidy. I am really excited about doing the Bust christmas Fair because quite a few illustrators i admire will be there.

Mum in the kitchen messy as always

Below is are a few images of my creations my brooches, necklaces and a brand new idea i have had creating tiny felt-teacups 🙂 I’m notsure if my creating crafts is getting me anywhere do people like my creations would be great to get some feed back on stuff.


These are my little felt creations what do you think? I will be making more and if you cant tell what they are, they are tiny little teacups.


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  1. October 31, 2010 / 9:56 pm

    i had a similar experience this morn, got up at 8(but it was 7) and went to bed a 2 so didn't end up with loads of sleep but i did manage to do about an hours uni for before i had to leave for my job so that was cool.

    i haven't had time to get in the mood, i'm so swamped

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