christmas creations *1

So today i am free for a little while, started m new job at paperchase and would you believe it i am working with one of my oldest mates 🙂 so that make the whole experience tonnes better, i guess  its not to hard and working is keeping me busy, but it just means when i get in at night i have no energy to draw but i guess that is the draw back to working, i am only a christmas temp at the moment but i am glad to be bringing in some pennies, i can now pay for my deposit on my MA, which makes me happy a step closer to my goal. I am still missing cornwall ridiculous amounts, but i know thats were my future is…so that makes me happy and forces me to work harder.

I haven’t really done alot of drawing in the last 5 days which have felt like forever i am not gonna lie. I have been drawing on my nights off few little characters for my Christmas card packs.

So here are a few designs kind of untouched by photoshop so i still need to work on them and print but, i am developing some new styles that i am really happy about, because i didn’t do illustration as a degree course, i am still developing i am soooo looking forward to getting my teeth into my MA, i am a bit worried about the state of falmouth uni at the moment because my tutors on fine art have been given voluntary redundancy, that will turn into compulsory redundancy which really upsets me, and they have to be out by march…what the world coming to?


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  1. November 21, 2010 / 10:08 pm

    crikey, that's pretty shocking about the teachers. again, nice xmas cards

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