Harry potter and narnia inspiration

So i went and saw harry potter and the Deathly hallows today, i was sat in the Cinema at 8:50am earliest i had ever been in the cinema the only time i could get tickets to see it, it was fully booked for the weekend, So i went along really not knowing much about the deathly hallows book, i find it so hard to read books like harry potter with my Dyslexia, but i love the film and i am so excited about the next one in july. 

Harry Potter always reminds me of this time of year and christmas whilst i was in the cinema i saw the advert for the new Chronicles of Narnia Film, The voyage of the Dawn treader, it looks amazing i dont really care that i am 22 i still love stories and films like this reminds me of being young. They really inspire me to be creative i just wish that i had thought of writing harry potter i am pretty sure everyone has thought this at some point, well illustrators and writers that is. 

I wont give much away of harry potter but i love the Deathly Hallows scene with the illustration and emma watson Narrating it.

Also to be honest i was very distracted by the sound of a young couple behind me kissing each others faces off, but i blocked that out and 3hours went by rather quickly when watching it and i would throughly recommend people go and see it. 

I know recently i have been kind of lost with my illustrations but i am at the moment, working very hard of a novel/book about well i cant really tell you too much it is partly based in oxford with a little bit of magic and i think it is a story that has been an accumulation of all my childhood thoughts, dreams and fears all rolled into 1 i have started writing it, with the intention of it being an illustrated novel.

I am also wanting to venture alot more into my passion for Children’s illustrations. After receiving a wonderful email from laura from the illustration Blog i am Lil i have come to realize i have to stop faffing about with certain projects and get on with what it is i want to be. And recently some one sent me a comment saying how hard it is to pay for things when you are an illustrator i don’t personally think that you venture into illustration for monetary gain, i do it because i love drawing, i love telling stories and since being a child with serve Dyslexia and i am not using it as an excuse i have been tested and i have a 5 second memory when it comes to retain anything like reading, and instructions Children’s book to me are vital in learning and i want to be part of that. 

You should always be in touch with your inner child, if that is going to watch harry potter for 3 hours switching off the outside world whilst you sit in the cinema and re-gain the passion and fantasy and play that a child has that has to be a good thing.



  1. November 21, 2010 / 6:57 pm

    That illustration bit was so good!
    Loved the whole movie, cried at the end of course 🙂

  2. November 21, 2010 / 7:31 pm

    yes narnia! did you see the actual voyage of the dawn treader boat in falmouth..? so exciting

    very excited about your illustrated novel! you make me want to keep drawing!

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