So after a very long and tiring few days of making and creating i only have really one day left to sort my stock out for the bust craftacular this sunday wooo, i am working at 3 today until 7 alone in the shop so once i get home i wont be able to function ha! and tonight i was invited to the Belle and Boo exhibition in crouch end but i am to worried that i will be too tiered to attend this has really annoyed me because it is two exhibitions that i have now missed due to working too late, but i am happy at work dont get me wrong. Enough Moaning!

I have recently been in contact with the wonderful laura who i have spoken about before, i find that i am sort of drifting between craft and illustration, illustrations for magazines. And i am going to take the time to focus on my children’s illustration work. I am happy with what i am creating but i do feel rather adrift in the mass of illustration i feel that id don’t really have a true footing in it yet, so i am still going to post on my blog and bits and pieces but i am taking the time to focus on my portfolio, also my and my boyfriend might collaborate and create an animation. So watch this space, i might get to see him next week i haven’t seen him in 6weeks which is probably the longest so far we have gone without seeing each other. So next week expect lots of photos of things we have been upto.

Oh and my list writing has become now annoying because i hadn’t written my to-do list last night i woke up at 9am when i normally get 6am and get cracking but for tomorrow i have written an hour by hour to-do list ha! what has my life become seriously!



  1. November 26, 2010 / 6:45 pm

    best of luck with it all. ohhh a cheeky collabo with the other half, sounds pretty interesting

  2. November 27, 2010 / 10:34 pm

    I really wanted to go to the exhibition but can't make it! I hope you can so you can blog about it 🙂 xox

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