This is a bit of a random blog post because i have photographed my new illustration and my daily goings on but i just can bring myself to blog them,  i have been rather busy with work and random commissions for illustrations i just don’t have passion at the moment to blog maybe at the weekend.

On a happier note i have put the deposit down on my MA so i am one step closer to getting and doing my MA,  oh and i have just found a rather exciting residency, so i will be applying for that. 

I have been thinking about a few things like what i want to do from january and the new year, because i am only a christmas temp for PaperChase i hope they keep me on but if they do not, i really want to make my online store more exciting and profitable. i have a folksy and an Etsy and i am really needing help from my readers, in total i have had 10 online sales this year,  but really i want to brach out in 2011 me and my boyfriend hopefully will be combing forces to create a much more exciting shop. 

I want to include in my shop more knitted and fabric products at the BUST craftacular i sold all of my illustrated cushions and i really want to branch into this, creating more design based products, hopefully i will also be getting a gocco machine or setting a screen print thing up to print on fabric and paper.

This just seem like a lot of talking for no good reason, but what i really would like to get at, is how many of my readers take the time to look at my shop/shops?

And if so what do the people think of the products, i will be creating a more solid set of products.

I am also going to be setting up a Donation Button not because i want to take peoples money for no good reason, but because i am using all means possible to create a future in  illustration. I need to devise a sort of plan with my donation button al proceeds will be heading towards my MA in illustration. I think i will do a sort of if you leave a donation i will create or give away a drawing….It is just an idea at the moment.

Oh my head is filled with ideas, drawings, illustrations, books… textiles, prints, missing my boyfriend, oh its endless but i need to get through working in retail at christmas wish me luck!


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