So it is still snowing and after venturing out the house this morning to the post office i decided that, that was my adventure for the day and that for the rest of it i would finish off the story that i am writing for a children’s book, one of my Favorite cornish legends is the one set in Mousehole before christmas Eve i wont say too much at the moment but it is a really exciting little project i have created for myself. 

I have been modeling one of the main characters Tom on my Dad, because he has a rather large beard and so does tom so i have been working on preliminary sketches form life, i love drawing and painting especially on days like today when it is freezing outside, i get to sit at my desk and draw. Perfect and draw images of cornwall my favorite place in the world.

There is also a cat in this story so,  i have been practicing drawing cats i haven’t drawn a cat in years…. i feel rather happy with this little story.

I also wore my favorite new (Old) shoes today i bought them from my local charity shop for £5, which i didn’t think was too bad and i can’t remember the last time i bought myself something i want to share these with you all :).


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