the Jewels of time

Image 1 Jewelry by Florence B

On Thursday i headed over to my Grandma’s house to take her the Pasty i had bought her back from falmouth, i really love going to my grandma’s house because i have so many happy memories there from childhood. We basically sat and talked for 5 hours but it was really great to catch up. My Grandma is obsessed with pink pretty much everything in the house is pink and nothing has really changed since the 60’s 70’s so it is like walking into a vintage shop, just it is lived in and someone’s’ house.

As a child me and my sister would spend hours going through my Grandma’s Jewelry, she would say when you get older you can have that….so when i did get older she gave it to me. Me and my sister would each have a little box and we would fill it up with all kinds of sparkles, but most of it was a mix of 80’s plastic necklaces, my favorite was the gold Fish Brooch, (I wanted to be a vet so it seemed like the perfect piece of jewelry at the time.)

I have always been fascinated by jewelry and really anything that has a story behind, it maybe thats why i draw to carry on telling stories

I really love the Antique and Vintage mix that Florence B create. I read a little article in Look magazine and it really reminded me of the jewelry me and my sister use to spend practically hours lusting over. Their Jewelry is a mix of Bespoke and hand found victorian jewels. Pretty cool stuff. 

I have been mixing up my jewelry for years and i am really thinking about getting back into it. Oh i miss it.


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