So my give away has now closed, i have to sort through the names and put them in my favorite wooly hat , i will draw the competition tonight and post the competition winner tonight. Thank you to all 29 people that entered.

I hope everyone has had a good start to the week, mine has been a bit slow. I have been working on my children’s book, i will soon share the roughs with you all. I have been spending my time reading children’s books and the book lady in Black pretty scary stuff (the lady in black not the kids books).

And can i just say job application forms are sending my brain cells mad, and my eyes to give up, but i must keep going. Sorry this blog post isn’t all that exciting i just wanted everyone to know that the give away is closed. Also wanted to thank everyone that has promoted my Etsy site, i have over the last week had six sales which i am really thrilled with so thank you.


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