what i wore #9

Another little what i wore diary extract, i really love doing these and sharing them with everyone. Gets me drawing everyday which i haven’t done in a while, Fridays are always pretty hectic, today my day included having a lesson with one of pupils taught the class to beatbox, listening to pendulum and Goyto walking to work, making bracelets, making posters from fluorescent paper, making palm trees, spending time looking at youtube videos. Life is pretty sweet at the moment i wanted to say a hello to all my new followers and another hello to my regular readers! Right now i am off to watch new girl on channel 4 +1, still not-sure who i prefer nick or schmidt? I shall leave you with that thought?



  1. March 2, 2012 / 9:46 pm

    So cute. Your blog looks really good with the little changes too. X

  2. March 2, 2012 / 9:56 pm

    I love your What I Wore illustrations, so cute! xx

  3. Anonymous
    March 2, 2012 / 10:01 pm

    Very adorable! I love it!

  4. March 2, 2012 / 10:07 pm

    Stop making your blog so cute. It makes me ever so envious. I like the sounds of your spotty back pack 🙂
    Ashleigh x

  5. March 2, 2012 / 11:39 pm

    I would kill to have your talent, bubs. 400? holy smokes girl! Hope you get them all done and make sure you give yourself nice little breaks xo

  6. March 3, 2012 / 7:11 am

    your blog is so adorable, I love to read it 🙂 cute 'what I wore' illustration!

  7. March 3, 2012 / 7:29 am

    400 braclets, fair play! that's a load.. Is she selling them on for something!? I adore these posts so much! I think some day I'll follow your little video you made!

    Lots of Love,

    Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

  8. March 3, 2012 / 10:03 am

    Love these posts! It looks like you always wear cute clothes :)xx

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