Business blog month : Dolly Nails

I hope you really enjoyed my first instalment of my Business blog month next up is the lovely Chantelle Thomas who creates beautiful nails over at Dolly Nails

Whats the name of your business?

Dolly mixture nail art / Dolly Nails

What do you create?

I use to be so obsessed with having long nails when I was a little girl, so here is the perfect company for you if like me you like prettifying your talons

Tell us a little about your business?

When I began my little business I decided to call it Dolly Mixture Nail Art. After a while I realised this was a bit long so when I started my blog I shortened it down to Dolly Nails. 
My Facebook page is still Dolly Mixture Nail art though because I had reached over a hundred likes I could not change it. 

I create hand painted false nails. You can get anything from floral print to cute strawberries. All nail sets are hand painted by me alone. It can be time consuming but I find it relaxing. Everyone else just complains about the smell of nail polish. I also post new designs on my Facebook page most days.  

Three tips you would give a new business / creative wanting to start up their own business

 1. Don't give up. Even if you feel like things aren't going well keep working and trying to improve things and eventually your hard work will pay off and you will see things start to improve. 
 2. Use social networking to your advantage. Get a Facebook page, twitter account or a blog. I started my business on Facebook. There are even shop apps that you can use. I like using Facebook because you can update your customers on what's new and with ever like you can reach more people. Make sure you update your Facebook, twitter or blog regularly to keep people interested. 
 3. Keep track off what you are spending and what you are making. Write down expenses and the money that you are taking in. Make sure that you are making more than you are spending on materials.  

 One of my dreams for my business came true a couple of months ago. I got to work as a nail artist on a couple of shoots for Kiss magazine in Ireland. I still can't believe it! It was such an amazing opportunity. I also want to continue to grow and improve my business and hopefully work on more photo shoots.  At the start I didn't believe it myself as much as I should of and I didn't think anyone would be interested but eventually more and more people were liking my page and it gave me confidence. I began to get risks and started doing events even though I was so nervous at the start but I got on with it and it really helped me! Having your own business no matter how big or small gives you confidence and makes you proud of what you can achieve.

Where can we find your work? 

Dolly nails blog
Facebook Dolly mixture nail art 
Twitter @ChanMThomas
Facebook MUA  
Instagram @chantellemthomas



  1. July 13, 2012 / 11:26 am

    Love these types of posts, her work is awesome x x x
    Love coco x x x

  2. July 13, 2012 / 4:38 pm

    This is fabulous! I am loving business blog month 🙂

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