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It has been a hard week back at work, and I am finally back in the studio today working on new projects and ideas for the up and coming season and for the first time probably, ever the daunting but exciting task of coming up with a full collection is looming. I have some fun and exciting news in an up and coming blog post but for now I wanted to share with you some colour combinations that I found dotted around my studio space.

I am a hoarder of things, I can’t really help it I do like to have pretty things surrounding me, I do wish I lived like something out of an Ikea catalog, but  alas its not really in my nature. I had a massive collection of tins as a kid I mean like over 500 battered and beaten colour tins dotted around my bedroom which have now been dispersed to the seven corners of the world, but the ones I love I have kept a hold of. The tin in the Gaudy 70’s colours is one of my favorites from a carboot that I picked up for my eighth birthday.

It’s nice to keep a visual collection of things if like me, you put things away you completely forget about their existence, which I have too admit is  one of my down falls, I forget about appointments, meetings and other important stuff unless i remind myself daily, So currently keeping a sketchbook rather then never ending pinterest boards has been a great help.

I love the mix of objects and colours, and visualizing the mix of textures has really helped me come up with my latest collection, super exciting stuff!



  1. September 7, 2014 / 2:04 pm

    Such pretty stuff, Ella! I love that you collected tins – I collect wooden boxes… which house the other things I collect (oops, I'm a hoarder too!). Very excited to see all your new developments! Laura xx

  2. September 7, 2014 / 3:33 pm

    i'm such a sucker for things like these, my boyfriend goes mad every time I buy a new 'pretty tin!' x

    The Little Things

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