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So the lovely Mark from That Gent Mark tagged me to do my Christmas tag, it is only November but I am currently making Christmas stock so its never too early for me, I love Christmas. If you want to get involved an nominate yourselves or others please feel free. Just copy and paste the questions and get involved. 

1. what is your favourite Christmas movie/s?

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a good Christmas movie,  Die hard, Elf, nightmare before Christmas Christmas Carol- Jim Carey and Muppets Christmas carol, Greatest store in the world.

2. do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

We have always opened our Christmas presents on Christmas morning, I’m one of five all hell would of broken loose as a child if we opened them Christmas Eve.

3. do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

Most of my happy memories are from when I was a lot younger, the Slade “it’s Christmas” song evokes a happy memory of Christmas morning unwrapping my cabbage patch doll, while my sister played on her new keyboard. 

One of my favourite memories is decorating the house when I was a child with all the family, I got to spray that fake snow stuff on the windows I was in heaven!

4. favourite festive food?

Food is a massive part of Christmas too me, its probably the roast dinner that makes the happiest, good home made gravy and roast potatoes! Cheeselets and twiglets also make Christmas for me.

5. favourite Christmas gift?

My family isn’t too big on Christmas gifts but my parents a few years ago bought me a ruby and opal ring that i love.

6. favourite Christmas scent?

Its an odd one, but when we were kids we were allowed to put all the decorations up and the smell of cheap plastic always reminds me of christmas weird! haha i also love the smell of Van.ila, roast diner cooking

7. do you have any Christmas eve traditions?

 In our house we don’t do a lot Christmas eve just because its nice and chilled, but we normally a few days before Christmas head to Oxford to the covered market and buy all our food for the roast and take in all the sights.

8. what tops your tree?

Depends what decoration or what colour theme mums gone for this year. Its normally a fairy.

9. as a kid what was the one (crazily, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?

Oh gosh now that’s a hard one to remember? I always wanted to be a fashion designer so probably something ridiculous around those lines, I never really asked for much as a child, I did ask for a dolls house but my parents bought me one many years later when i was about 18.  

So there are my boring answers haha gosh I do love Christmas, I tag 

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  1. November 15, 2014 / 6:04 pm

    Oh, these are such lovely questions to think about. Much like you, it's the smell of tinsel (it totally has it's own smell!) that reminds me of Christmas the most because my parents went all out with the decorations when me and my brother were little.

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

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