Original Art work sale Ella masters

Before everyone is like Ella have you gone mad why are your prints so pricey?! These are a set of original works by me, as I don’t have a lot of space left for new work in my studio, i have decided to sell my beloved work. I will be accepting payment through Paypal its on a first come first serve (via email) basis. If you are interested in a piece these are all originals and one offs once sold I won’t be creating another.

Please send the number you are interested in leave a comment below with your email address or you could email me direct to ellas_blog@hotmail.co.uk and then i will give you my address to send the money via paypal. Once the piece has been sold I can then take it off the site only once payment has been received will i ship it. Each piece will be lovingly signed and sent.
This is open world wide please add extra for p&p Uk – £4.50 and world wide £6.50 & small drawings £2.50, worldwide £3.50 

I have never really sold my proper original work  before and it will only ever happen a handful of times again so if you do want an original piece by me then now is the only time. 

All proceeds made from the sale will be going into making new stock for my studio shop 

1. Red tea cup £32

2. Polka dot girl £30 SOLD

3. Stay hungry stay foolish £40  

4. Love heart £25 RESERVED

5. wish me luck £25 RESERVED

6. Large shoes £70 SOLD

11.Black dress £15 SOLD

12. Purple girl £15

13. Top knot black £25 RESERVED

14. purple portrait £25 

15. Love £25 RESERVED

16. beats for you £25


17. Girl pencil drawing £15

18. small girl £5

19. Teenage kicks £30 

20. stay true £25 

21. yellow portrait £25 RESERVED

22. jumper £8 RESERVED

23. Top knot £10

24. pencil girl £5

25. New lipstick £40 SOLD

26. london £12 RESERVED

27.  polka dot books £15 RESERVED

28. fortune favors the brave £15 RESERVED

29. polka dot books £15 RESERVED

30. bearded tattoo £9

31. sketch of girl £10 

32. got wood tattoo duded £22 

33.  small skull £6

34. pink diamond £8

36. beating heart £10

37. line heart £13 RESERVED

38. Do you have tattoos? £28 RESERVED

39. small death before dishonor £8 RESERVED

40. kewpie beard £30

41. Watercolour tea cup £50 



  1. November 4, 2014 / 3:08 pm

    11. black dress, please!! or if it's gone, 27. polka dot books 🙂
    vstanden AT yahoo DOT com

  2. November 4, 2014 / 8:04 pm

    Number 28- fortune favours the brave please Ella. I'm nonagon_17@hotmail.com and I think I should still have you on my Paypal list xx

  3. November 5, 2014 / 2:46 pm

    I am so sad I missed all the polka dot girl with glasses prints 🙁 And the new lipstick ones. That's SO ME 🙁 Do you plan on recreating that in any future illustrations? LOVE your work!

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