A moments peace finally i am left with two things on my to-do list and I can finally share a few peaceful and beautiful photos with you and a wonderful much needed gift. On armistice day me and mum decided to venture to the tower super early to watch the sunrise and take in the awe inspiring sight that was Paul Cummins and Tom Pipers vision of 888,246 blood red poppies in the moat at the tower. The sea of poppies were something to behold and we got to the tower at seven am and the crowds were building then. So we wandered around for an hour or so and then decided as we hadn’t had a cuppa that morning that we would go sit somewhere warm and take in the sight we had just be privileged in viewing, time seemed very important on the Armistice day, a time to reflect, the time the guns fell silent, eleven am, it made me stop and appreciate the time that we do have. Time is important to everyone even if we don’t notice it passing.

Yes I have turned into one of those people who drink decaf tea…can’t cope with caffeine but for some reason Starbucks (red and black seem to be a bit of a theme today) has no idea what decaf is ha! So we settled down and had a good little chat about life and how much we appreciated each other it was lovely to spend a few hours together. Another thing that I am really appreciating is having a watch back in my life. Talking of time passing, a few weeks ago when I was off out to the cinema, my watch was in my bag and fell out and smashed into a million pieces, it was the first thing I bought with my first freelance job over a year ago I was a rather sad. Cue the beautiful and elegant *Daniel Wellington watch that now adorns my arm. I opted for the Classic Sheffield Ladies watch, I decided to with silver as I only wear silver jewellery. The dial itself is simple and easily read which is always good with a watch.  As I practically live in Breton tops and black jeans the classic watch fits in perfectly with what I wear. Now I have ridiculously tiny wrists which is always a bit of a worry when buying watches online, but the strap is comfortable and there’s plenty of loops and notches so it sits comfortably I am rather pleased with it. 

So time, is rather important to us all, we should really spend it wisely and appreciate things a little more, being able to wear such a lovely elegant watch will help me keep track of it, but over the last few days I could do with a little more time in the day to get all my work sorted only if I had Bernard’s watch!

The lovely people at Daniel Wellington’s have given Ella Masters readers a lovely 15% discount on their watches with the code ellamasters until the end of march.



  1. November 19, 2014 / 6:33 pm

    Lovely profound post and mesmerising pictures, I'm so sad I didn't get a chance to see the poppies! Lovely watch too 🙂
    Hannah x

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