The Parisian Trip that never was


Dr Denim – Jeans | TopShop – Petite Breton top | Leuchtturm 1917 – A4  Master notebook | 

TopShop -Boots | H&M Kids – Envelope necklace | Z for Accessorize- Cassius long coin necklace | Vintage – Rings | Daniel Wellington – Watch

This is my go too staple outfit, I probably would happily wear this everyday if i could. So this would of been to travel in comfy and perfect to chill in. These Topshop boots are my ultimate foot wear I wish I had bought like ten pairs two years ago! 


 Primark – Backless Breton Top | Zara – cattle skull necklace | BDG – Mom jeans | Vans -Authentic blue | Lonely planet Paris book | Instax camera | Moleskin notebook 

I only bought these BDG Mom jeans today when I was seeing Jaymie in Camden, I bought them from Urban outfitters I should probably got them in the 32 waist rather then the 31 (before christmas I was a 34 waist) but they are the perfect mom jean I have come across and they work really well with a simple top and a battered pair of vans. This outfit is for wandering around all the beautiful sights, I needed a good pair of comfy flats and I can always rely on my old faithfuls!

Sunday Evening

 New Look – Thigh high boots | H&M – sheer ruffle cream top | Z for Accesorize – Cassius Long coin Necklace | Charity shop – Velvet Skirt | Accessorize – Tartan Scarf

So this was my elegant evening outfit if we were going to head out in the evening for a few lovely glasses of wine. The thigh highs boots were a little treat to myself before Christmas, never thought I would get my chunky calves in these beauts but they are rather spacious! Nearest match I can find are these suede versions but they are more expensive but there are loads of shops doing these at the moment.

Night time 

 Vintage- Levi ripped denim shorts | BDG – paper thin tee | George Ezra – Wanted on voyage

This is my chill outfit/pjs I don’t really own pjs which I know for a girl is odd but i just can’t stand them ha! I don’t wear the shorts to bed I would just like to say…How amazing is George Ezra currently listening to this Album on repeat he’s a complete babe.

Skin care / whats in my bag

Inside my make up bag


Make-up and skin treatment and bits from the inside of my bag

Oh Paris the dream that never was…a few weeks ago me and Jaymie booked a little trip to Paris as a little present to ourselves at the start of the New Year thinking it was a good idea, but in light of the devastating Charlie Hebdo shootings and Terrorist attacks we thought it best to cancel our trip as we thought it a tad disrespectful prancing around the beautiful city snapping insignificant photos. My thoughts are with the people affected by these tragedies being a Londoner (who has dealt with personal incidents similar to this) I send all my love and thoughts to all Parisian’s (and surrounding areas) who’s lives have been marred with tragedy in the last few days. We didn’t back out of the trip due to being afraid of the situation but our families were worried and like I said above it wouldn’t be respectful.

I did want to still share with you outfits I was hoping to wear on our little trip along with my make-up and other bits and bobs as the photos would just be sat about, this is what I normally wear anyway and I love being nosey to see how people put outfits together so I thought I would share.

When it comes to my choice of outfits I’ve gone pretty simple and very me. It has recently come to my attention that my staple go to piece is the Breton top I own way too many but even though they say larger women shouldn’t wear striped clothes (they can shut up who ever “they” are) I find that the Breton top is a timeless classic and I wear it with everything. If I had it my way each outfit would feature stripes but I thought NO! Ella be adventurous throw some Tartan in!

Make up this has become a recent love of mine due to being able to now afford a few pieces from Benefit which is my favorite make. The Browzing palette is perfection! My skin has recently been really bad due to ill health plus size I’ve dropped two dress sizes downside I have the skin of a fourteen year old but I have recently discovered Superdrugs Clearly Youthful Blemish Gel

Which other then Sudocream is the only thing that seems to work on my skin and of course I needed to share my favorite accessory my Amoxicillian tablets what every girl with a chest infection should have in her handbag!

So there is what I would of worn on our little Parisian adventure this weekend. Last thing take the time to appreciate all of those around you and at the same we should appreciate our freedom….




  1. January 10, 2015 / 8:39 am

    Lovely outfits, I think it's a great idea that you still shared them, and I completely agree with you about the attacks, let's hope that's the end of it now.
    Hannah x

  2. January 11, 2015 / 9:27 am

    Love these outfits, you have great style.

    So awful what happened in Paris, very sad. I think it is very caring and selfless of you to note that you chose not to go out of respect for those that lost their lives and for their families. x

    Reverie de Paris

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