getting chatty and creative with Dolce Gusto

The other day I found myself doing something I never dreamed I would have the confidence to do. Unaware when turning up to a Dolce Gusto event I would find myself in front of a camera crew let alone chat away about random things like friendship and creativity whilst strapped to a mick and drinking some of the nicest Chai Latte I have had since my best mate brewed some home made chai tea back at university, if I was aware of this before stepping through the doors of the first coffee house in London now a bar Jamaica wine house I would of laughed and probably ran away. Hopefully i’ll get to see the edit pretty soon.

But it made a nice change to the typical events I sometimes attend I enjoyed chatting to other bloggers over coffee and drawing. We were joined by artist Faizla Lulat who creates art based around words, for a project he and Dolce Gusto are working on together. we had to describe ourselves in 5 words to help Faizla come up with art based around us I think I chose, 

– creative

– kinda

– curiosity 

– pattern 

– colour 

What five words would you choose to describe yourself, would be wonderful to know?



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