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So you are probably wondering where the hell i have disappeared to,  not cool hey?! Busy having a bit of me time and enjoying some space I guess, but here are a few things I’ve been doing. 

The little one had his first trip to the seaside, a little trip down to Clacton on sea, Tedstar splashed about in the sea and I thoroughly enjoyed stuffing my face with Ice cream.  

Naps have been pretty awesome and having time to myself has been nice. Not often over the last six months I have had the chance to switch my brain off. Cue long walks with my sketchbook enjoying the sunshine.

I have finally joined the gym! After a month of going nearly everyday I can safely say its the best £17.99 I have ever spent (a month) Excitedly squeeze my bum into a size 10 pair of skinnies the other day so yay for those 8k sessions, talking of tread mills been training away for my 5k with Race for life.

Got to sell my wares at the lovely BUST spring/summer Craftacular last weekend, hung out with Zoe and my mother and ate way too much cake.

Fun night staying in the Four Seasons in Canary Wharf  and eating too much Italian food courtesy of a rather lovely man – I shall say no more, the views were rather beautiful and the Martin Miller’s Gin was an absolute treat.

So that’s not everything, but all the bits I remembered to photograph, its funny how quick you forget to snap photos of every meal or pair of shoes when you are out of the blogging loop.


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