Ella Eyre Motionsense gig with Sure

There is nothing like dancing around in a warm room getting to watch Ella Eyre perform an intimate gig with Sure, I had that pleasure last wednesday. I have become one of those people if I can get up and get out and do something that gets me moving I am all for it, I was given a Fitbit to see how much I moved during the performance and it was really surprising how much you work up dancing your bum off, I clocked up over a thousand steps, nothing like burning some calories doing something a little more fun the tread mill at the gym.

Everyone was wearing sure wrist bands which lit up when they moved to the music, Ella’s voice was just amazing and she filled the room beautifully also the fun part of the gig the more we moved the more she played and the louder the crowd got.  You can imagine dancing around stage with that main of hair can me getting a little sweaty and I know I was in the crowd. So sure has created an antiperspirant that is activated just like the glowing wristbands by movement using Motionsense technology so the more you move, the more it protects which is perfect in the summer months and dancing around at a gig or a festival. 

Since seeing Ella live, I’m not going to lie I’ve had her music on none stop in my studio and whilst I’m out running, nothing like an upbeat sound track whilst you’re working and breaking into a sweat.





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