Investment pieces – Girls jean style challenge – Topman

c/o Topman jeans | White blouse – second hand | Daniel Wellington watch | Primark sling back court shoe | Accesorize bag – similar | Antique locket | Anthropolgie second female drape duster |

My style has definitely evolved in the last six month and what with my  clothes spending ban in full swing, I have decided to make the most of the pieces I have, I was kindly gifted these wonderful Topman jeans to style you can see my first styling challenge here.

Lets talk about basic investment pieces, I’m not a designer kind of girl I don’t think I own anything designer for that matter so for me its about taking your time to buy something off the high street that fits in with your look and being able to add it in and make it work with existing pieces. My Anthropolgie which is actually a boutique piece from Second Female within Anthropolgie cost me I think around £80 me and Lisette pretty much fell in love with it whilst we were at an event I couldn’t walk away from it and I practically wear it everyday and has totally been an investment.  

Now when it comes to shoes and hand bags I’m sadly a practical kind of girl, a hand bag that can hold all my needs, ankle boots and flat that keep my feet happy is where its at, I know what to work with and I’m happy with that. 

When it comes to jewellery, when growing up it was my obsession, yes whilst I was at University I had over 200 silver rings and not to mention copious jewellery boxes, after selling pretty much all my collection I only wear pieces that are real silver and simple. I’m a sucker for silver and turquoise and I keep pieces that I could one day hand down to my daughter or son, I like to think about a piece of jewellery as telling a story or being of importance. You wear it on your body nearly everyday it becomes a part of you. When it comes to a watch, I only have three, a piece gifted to me by Daniel Wellington and my Grandmother 24 Carat antique watch that never I’ve never worn through fear of loosing it and lastly an antique watch that I found in the woods near my house when I was about 5, to me a watch always makes an outfit, I feel more complete, more grown up more important silly really what items we wear can make us fee. 

Now when it comes to jeans I’m such a champion of good fitting jeans, I would happily spend a goof few pennies on an amazing pair, I have three pairs of black jeans that are exactly the same that I rotate (wash) through out my week its my thing. The jeans by Topman are such a versatile pair which is always needed in anyone’s wardrobe being able to grab something and dress it up or dress it down to me is vital in anyone’s collection of clothes.




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Massive thank you to Paige Joanna for taking the photos.



  1. August 20, 2015 / 9:26 am

    I like this post a lot! I really agree about 'investment' pieces – I'm not a designer person either, so investment has always meant something that's usually a little sore to spend but is something I'll get SO much use from…like a really good pair of good quality ankle boots for walking around in all winter, or a real-leather jacket. Or like you say, three pairs of the same jeans (because perfect ones are hard to find!).

    I'm starting to really like jewelry – I never used to wear it but my boyfriend wears the same watch every day and now it's as much a part of him as anything…I can't imagine him being dressed without wearing it, so I like the idea of acquiring the odd nice piece for myself to hand down one day! 🙂


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