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Since loosing mum I have made more of  a point in the last few weeks to fully embrace what I do with my everyday, I often spend a fare amount of time in meetings with potential clients and this week was no exception, I found myself in East London I had a lovely meeting with Anthropologie in Spitalfields; all to be revealed very soon. Can I just say how beautiful the shop itself is, filled to the brim with wonderful trinkets. I always find myself wandering around the store even if i’m not buying anything I go for inspiration, all the colour, patterns and shiny things layered up just fill me with happiness. 

While I’m out I do enjoy a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate and when you are couped up in your studio all day it’s really nice to get out and work while the bustle is going on around you. I had a few commissions to complete on this particular day one of the lovely Alfie a Tabby cat for a client, it’s nice to be able to be nomadic with your work. All I need to complete my work is a paint brush, watercolour, paper and water, pretty simple really and it does make me feel blessed that I can go about my work in any part of London or anywhere. 

Like I said at the start of this post loosing Mum has kind of forced me to live a bit of a nomadic life style, when your boyfriend lives in the countryside and chopping your time between London and the countryside of Buckinghamshire it’s definitely forced me to reassess my work load and how I want to live my life.Which has been great but a lot of searching.

My work load has been great and just what I needed I am just about to complete my 900th commission of the year which is insane, mainly personal commissions but its been sucha joy being able to illustrate and use my talent to make people simile, if you fancy one you can email me at ellas_blog@hotmail.co.uk it’s always super fun what people want me to create.

So yeah I guess I am slowly realising how blessed I am in certain areas of my life and its just taking the time to work on the areas that aren’t.


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  1. December 1, 2015 / 10:40 pm

    Hi Ella,

    Death of a loved one often leaves us wondering why we never looked at life and living differently. For artists it unlocks another door that most times leads to bursts of creativity. This happened to me when I lost my father in 2009. As you embrace your mum's death, allow yourself to sink low in order to discover yourself more. I wish you all the very best


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