Things to do on Sunday : Columbia Road

So I got my bum out of bed super early last Sunday, as I have decided it best I do things with my time off rather then sit around eating and generally being a lazy bum. So the night before I text Ree and we both needed a bit of a pick me up and figured flowers were the best way forward. I jumped on a Met line and sped all the way to Liverpool street where i met up with Ree and we grabbed a Costa and chatted about life since we last hung out.

I just love columbia road, especially when we get in their early and aren’t being squeezed and stressed out nothing worst then a grumpy Londoner. I thought it best I pick up some cabbages for Dad as he’s made a point since mum passing to have a bunch of flowers near her urn to brighten up the place, (not sure if my readers were aware that my late mum was a florist hence my love of flowers) so I grabbed up the biggest bunch I could find and headed off to see if I could find me and my sister something to pop in our space.

I got a winter mix 3 bunches for £10 I couldn’t really complain, Ree was searching for the perfect Mini Christmas tree and for £5 she grabbed a bargain. Content with our wee floral adventure we snuck off for a late breakfast consisting of a bloody mary for Ree and fancy Egg on toast for me. It was delightful as we sat next to an open fire. Was a lovely little break for the brain on a Sunday, thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting a sunday stroll or adventure.


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