What I have discovered since becoming an Aunt

My beautiful Nephew turned a year old two weeks ago and he has been the best addition to the family, it’s such a wonderful thing getting to see this tiny human grow and discover the world.

– Being an Auntie means doing fun stuff and making a mess without worrying too much.

– I have learned that I am definitely not ready to have one of my own. 

– When they learn your name and come for cuddles its the best thing in the world

– An extra chocolate biscuit wont hurt

– Making the little lump laugh becomes my main mission when he’s around

– Getting to hand them back when they’re crying is the best feeling 

– You become less squeamish around excrement

– Selfies are the best when they feature him

– cooing and ahhing when you aren’t around him and in adult conversation sounds a tad odd.

– It’s the best excuse to hunt down cute onesies, booties and toys. 

So all in all being an Auntie is just the best thing thats happened to me in a long time.


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