Detoxing with Champneys Pt.1


Detoxing, we’ve all heard that phrase often, but I have never been the type of person to be too follow a diet style, but when Champneys got in contact  I couldn’t wait to add some goodness to my diet after a few months of being a tad lazy. I love a good smoothie and I often opt for a coffee in the morning so whilst I was back in Norfolk we took the little challenge of having a wee detox. Making these simple smoothies was really easy. 

Saturday – 

We decided to give the kale a whirl first, we put all the ingredients into the smoothy maker whizzed it up. I was rather dubious as I’m not a massive fan of Kale, it was really green so that always a bonus when being healthy. It wouldn’t be my go to smoothie, but i certainly felt a lot fresher then downing a black coffee.


Sunday morning we wandered down by the Broads and stumbled upon a Farmer selling fresh eggs and snapped two dozen up for £2 and thought they would complement the ginger in our smoothies. I think I prefer this ginger zesty smoothie a lot better then the previous days Kale goodness. It really freshened our walk up. I think along side eating healthy and getting goodness into you it is vital to get yourself outside and into the fresh air. The long walk took us around two hours working our muscles and getting out into nature is my favorite way to gain inspiration.


 Monday – 

By the time came on  I was super excited to get trying the berry smoothie, I’m a massive fan of all berries, this one had Blueberries and Raspberries so truly the best way to start the day.  I love the fact that this smoothie included coconut milk and me and Kelly were the biggest fan, it was rather thick so thick that I felt like I didn’t have to have breakfast with it and we sat in the early morning sun and soaked up all the goodness. In the past I had avoided the prep and effort of making smoothies but I found that actually it is a really easy was of introducing lots of healthy goodies easily into your diet. Looking forward to sharing my next installment with Champneys detoxing and looking after my skin.


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