detoxing Skincare with Champneys Pt 2

So during my weekly detox with Champneys I also go the chance to try their detoxing skin care range. Now I have to admit I neglect my skin pretty much every bath time. I’m always rather cautious of using new products. So to begin with I don’t have a shower at mine shocking i know. I have never been to a spa before so being able to have such lovely items to use everyday is lovely. I really love the smell of the Detox skin firming shower scrub. 

My skin is often very dry and in need of moisture, also I have a few new ankle tattoos so they could do with a little care. I started with the shower scrub which is beautiful orange it leaves your skin feeling subtle and deeply cleansed. I made a point of exfoliating the most neglected areas like my feet, elbows and knees. I felt pretty wonderful after this experience.  After my relaxing bubble bath I found that after using the scrub my skin soaked in the moisture and needed to use skin firming body butter. 

After a few days of using the body butter I felt that my skin and become so much soft and feeling a lot more firm. It’s nice taking the time to look after the skin we are in, often this is neglected so its nice to be indulgent.

I chose to use the mud mask for firming my thighs later in the week as I’m rather a messy person and figured I would get the mud all over the bathroom. I enjoyed smothering my legs in the mud, I left it for a good twenty minutes to absorb all the goodness and mineral. I’m not to sure if it made my thighs firmer but it was an enjoyable experience and they felt moisturised. 

After my detoxing week was up I felt that I had cleansed my body inside and out, it was nice to take some time on me. 


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