A little more organised with Biba

Ever since I was little girl I have been a massive fan of Biba, all those wonderful dresses, make up palettes and  funky tights that they are famous for lured me in as a child and I was desperate to snap up a piece from a carboot as a child alas it never really happened fast forward two decades and this deep purple vanity case appeared in my life as if by magic at a time where I had finally decided to be more adult about my make up routine. 

I have never really been a big girly girl so when House of Fraser sent me this case I figured this was the perfect time to sort all my old make up palettes, unused lipsticks and nail varnishes once and for all. The case itself is a really good size and perfect for a girl like me who doesn’t have a ton of large pieces. It’s actually nice now knowing where all my pieces are, don’t get me wrong I keep all my vital pieces of make up in my everyday make up bag but the vanity case has helped me organize my chaotic make up life, also it doubles up perfectly for a little case to take away. Also lovelies I shop my first proper make up look recently and I can’t wait to share it with you all. How do you organize your beloved make up items?


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