Lets talk skin and the joys of adult acne

 Lets talk skin and the joys of adult acne, where to even start with mine. So when I decided to go vegan around April/May 2015 my skin started to break out, now I thought it was the combination of my new diet and a lot excercise breaking out of my face. At the time I wasn’t too worried but as time went on, oh my the pain and redness of my face really hit hard. When mum passed away in September you can imagine the stress of that didn’t exactly help the face situation. As someone who had never really suffered from major break outs I didn’t know what to do. I did the typical sudocream before bed thing, drinking lots f water, trying different lotions and potions. But literally for an entire year I hid my face under layers of foundation, contouring and using concealer, they became my best friends. 

It got to the point where I wouldn’t even go make up less in front of my family (I do still struggle with this) and friends and it was effecting me going out, going on dates and talking to people. I actually went on a date about a month ago with a guy and it got to the point where I had to stop seeing him because I couldn’t stand being looked at or I couldn’t understand how someone could fancy me, I remember literally leaving the second date and being like ugh I’m so fugly and nearly crying on the train home. Even when I was at my biggest I never felt that worthless and ugly so I decided that was the moment things needed to change. This was also spurred on by a really nasty email from my ex commenting on how ugly he thought I was commenting on my skin, so so childish.

So I bit the bullet and in the last month or so I have taken it upon myself to ask for help, seek advice and tick the things I have avoided for a life time off my self confidence list and heading to the doctors to talk about my skin was a scary thing. My GP was massively supportive and as my skin apparently scars insanely quickly she decided to put me on a combination of oral antibiotics and a cream. So I take Lymecycline capsules one a day and Acnecide rubbed into the skin twice a day. To start off with the tablets made me feel a tad queasy and the cream burned my face a little left me with dry skin and at the height of summer I couldn’t go into direct sunlight when I was wearing it, which was annoying but definitely worth the sacrifice. I did my best to read up on these treatments before had and I prepared myself for them not to work, but one month in I feel so much more like my old self. 

Adult acne is so much more a thing then I had ever realised. I remember my Mum suffering from it when I was little and with my combination skin it can be tough to get treatments right.

So this was just a sort of introduction I am still half way through the first treatment, its pretty trial and error and I will be sharing photos without make up eek! when the 2 months is up and half way through, just so you can see progress. I can tell you that I have lifted the layers of foundation and it only takes me now like 10 minutes to do my make up. I have felt so much better, for not letting it control me anymore. 

 If you are suffering from adult acne then you really aren’t alone, take control of how you feel and seek help. Even if its baby steps, talking about it doctors can help, they have some great advice and if what you’re currently on isn’t working seek more help. There are also loads of articles and blog posts on Acne and all the different treatments available.


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  1. September 9, 2016 / 7:48 pm

    I too have started to suffer with adult Acne. I went and got advice, and was given that cream. It is a godsend. When I am lazy or forget to put it on, i regret it a few days later because they will start to appear again. So I need to keep it up. No one told us that you go through puberty TWICE!



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