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So Natasha sent me the link for this event which was completely free yay for free things. I have been a big fan of lush since I was a kid, my mum was one of those people that didn’t like having chemical based products in the house so tapped into Lush in the early days when they had a few shops I think the one she use to go to was in Covent Garden.

The lush Creative show case is on for a few days showing exclusive products and some of their Christmas classics alongside new products I was desperate for a tote bag but in 32 degrees heat the cues were to much for little old me to take. 

I genuinely wish I had come up with the idea of lush, the marketing and packaging is on point and one of the most loved companies and has crazy loyal fans which I think is great. 

I got to hang out with both Jaye and Natasha which was really fun even though it was hot AF and at one point I’m pretty sure I melted into myself! Lush products were the only thing that helped my acne before I was actually diagnosed and given medicine for it so big up to lush for soothing my awful itchy red skin! If you are a big Lush fan its deffo worth a visit. I loved the fact that they had little themed roomed based around the products, pretty well thought out.

Right so now that I have cooled down I had better get packed and ready for Paris tomorrow!


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  1. September 14, 2016 / 1:22 am

    I discovered Lush about two years ago and I wish I would've known about it sooner! Their products are so pretty, especially the first picture! I just wish there was one near me.

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