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I’m a massive tattoo lover, I just am, I think I have since discovering my dads old school rose tattoo on his ankle and being fascinated as to why people get them. I got my first when I was just 18 and I waited another 6 years before getting my next which to some people is a really long gap.

I have around 16 dotted across my person and more recently becoming a big fan of stick n poke pieces I hope to soon have a new shoulder piece dedicated to my mum tattooed for all the world to see. For me tattoos weren’t ever really cool or a sign of rebellion I have always been creative and to me these things just come hand in hand. Tattoos in themselves are pieces of art work, or documenting a feeling or a space in time.

My first was a culmination of my love for nautical imagery and my slight
emo love for music and stars, my dad wasn’t to keen on me getting a
piece straight away in sucha prodominent area its on my left wrist and i
made a deal with that as long as it could be hidden under a watch strap
that it was cool to get ha! It was way too big to hide but my dad
learned to just live with it and so that began a total love affair with
tattoo style, art work, tattooist the culture and anything nautical.

My favorite tattoo is the hand and flower I tattooed on myself, it is one of the tributes pieces that I have to my mum and the others that reside near by are also done by me, people aren’t often fans of the DIY form of tattooing but I’m a lover of my stick and poke pieces and I have to admit they hold a special place in my heart compared to my larger pieces, I also have hope written on my wrist, a T on my finger, two hearts on both hips and a small green heart on my wrist. I also have a small anchor and heart locket on both ankles, the Anchor symbolsies my time in Cornwall at University and the heart Locket symbolies my adventure to Paris with Lyzi, we have matching tattoos. I also have mum written in a heart with arrows this was done by a friend when I was down in Brighton this summer.

 Each piece done at a moment in time where I have needed to be reminded of a feeling and to remain grounded. I have a large piece on the back of my right arm done by Hugh Sheldon who works out of cloak and Dagger in East London, it is of a Kewpie sat on top of a skull it was a hard one to photographer, there is no real reason behind it I just loved Hugh’s work.  

Often I get asked about my tattoos and if i worry they will look silly when I am older and if I’m honest I’m not too fussed how I’ll look when I am older I truly adore the tattoos I have on my skin. They make me feel like me and that is something that is so important, feeling good in your own skin no matter how other see you is vital for your self confidence.


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  1. September 17, 2016 / 8:19 pm

    Your tattoos look amazing! I've always wanted to get a tattoo too but I'm scared that I might not be able to stand the pain from the needle haha! 🙂 -Dems | Electrick Cities

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