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It’s been a while since I have taken a Sunday off to myself, It’s rather rare, not because I work massively crazily hard, well I do but I always use Sunday to get ready for the week ahead. I have become one of those girls now that had to wear the comfiest of clothes when they are chilling, I don’t really own any pajamas so my go to chill out outfit is big jumpers and boyfriend jeans.I’m the biggest jean advocate now that I have lost weight before when I was bigger I would avoided jeans and jumpers as I felt they bulked me out more then I already was, so now I practically live in mine. The jeans were a treat with my Birthday money they were a whole twenty pound from Rokit in Camden I wanted to wait until I found a pair that made me feel fab, these are vintage Wranglers, you can have a look at their jean section online, the ladies in the shop were so stoked for me to find my ultimate pair of jeans that we had a good chat about how important they are to us women, finding any outfit that makes you feel amazing is so important. Anyway I digress just enjoy my slouchy messy topknotted face!

So I am having a mini panic as I am off to Paris for work on Wednesday and I thought I was going on Friday for some reason clearly my brain isn’t working! So I am trying to figure out what would be a good outfit to wear, I love fashion like I am secretly obsessed but really only obssessed with things I class as in my style, so anything black or something Keith Wood could pull of, think chilled rock chic. So yeah I am having one of those panics that I am going to look like complete crap in whatever i wear, send help!  

Among the outfit stress, probably not to the extent that some fashion bloggers are worrying about London fashion week! When I am working or having time to myself I enjoy geeking out over documentaries, seriously I’m obsessed and I came across on BBC iplayer behind the scenes of Vogue magazine, I’m such a nosy person when it comes to behind the scenes of anything in the creative industries so definitely worth a watch!


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  1. September 11, 2016 / 11:57 am

    I watched the first episode of the Vogue show in bed this morning. So dramatic at the end with that shot of Anna Wintour! All black is perfect for Paris. I'm going in November and already starting to dream up outfits to wear…

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