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Whilst I am currently slowly dying from a chest infection I know right sexy! I have taken to my bed feeling rather sorry for myself unable to do much other then drink tea, cough and write in my journal. Slowly throughout the day and whilst the new Autumnal air blows through my net curtains I wanted to freshen up my space. I love the fact my space is so very me, a tad cluttered, filled with a lot of love and random things. As the dark nights draw in I love to melt as many candles as possible so being given this Diptyque candle that reminds me of my mum as my interior inspiration, at the moment I am obssessed with all things black and white, the contrast against all my colourful work in my space makes me super happy. 

Also as the nights draw in I want to spend my evenings, blogging reading and using my brain a little so I fell in love with this wonderful Shell Jigsaw puzzle from Cloudberries  It looks so intricate and will definitely keep me busy during the lonely dark nights, plus its covered in shells and it was only the other day I was going on about how much I loved shells as a child! I have always surrounded myself with things I have collected, nailed to the walls, pinned up in places and draped across things, I’m a bit of a hoarder but I would happily let things go if I needed to. One thing I love when rearranging my wall space is popping up photos of fun times with friends and family. My favorites are my old school photobooth snaps with friends taken while I was in Paris and my afternoons in East London. 

One thing my room is never without is plants, my Mother was a florist so flowers have places a major roll in my up bringing she would constantly rescue plants and bring them home, so often when I am out and I see a cheap plant I pick it up, my favorite places to snap up a lovely pot plant has to be Wilkinsons, they do a wonderful variety, Urban Outfitters do a fab range ( a little pricey) Ikea also do a wonderful array, only in store though. I am on the hunt for the perfect pots though so if you know any let me know?! I love using old broken cups for my pot plants and some of my favorites are from Anthropologie. How do you like to put your stamp on your space?



  1. October 10, 2016 / 4:13 am

    Ella! I love all your bits and bobs! I was wondering where that "scream if you wanna go faster' cloth print is from? I can see it being very at home on my wall! Thanks- love you blog xx

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