Slumber party at the collective Old Oak

It’s not often fun events are held in my neck of the woods, so when Ashleigh invited me along to a slumber party at the collective which is a co living space I jumped at the chance of cocktails and Grease.

We arrived a little later then the other bloggers as Ashleigh had to work and we ventured into the space and as you walk into the lobby the layout and furniture is like walking into a photo on Pinterest. We singed in and got our room keys we were sharing an apartment but separate bedrooms. After freshening up with headed down and found the other bloggers learning all about cocktails from The Vault Cocktail bar in Soho. I unfortunately couldn’t drink as I am on antibiotics so i had to pass up and enjoy chatting with the ladies around the table.

So after dinner we decided to get all comfy and put our Brooks Brother Pajamas on and head to the cinema room to watch Grease and yes I did fall over in the dark spilling my popcorn and looking like a weirdo!

The rooms themselves were very neat and tidy, pretty simple and if you lived here easily adapted to probably easy to make homely with a few pot plants and posters, it did have a sociable feel and I could see why young people would choose to live in such a place. The bedrooms came with a small en-suite bathroom and someone like me who is only five foot could be easily lived in. It sadly wasn’t until the morning when the sun rose (I wake up early) that from my window I could spot the hospital in which my mum passed away in which didn’t make for a fun morning view. So I quickly decided to get myself out of bed dressed and ready for a lovely breakfast with Ashleigh. 

Overall I had a really lovely time had an evening of laughs and a good session of Tinder swiping and sharing date horror stories with Ashleigh and a really comfy nights sleep.



  1. November 1, 2016 / 11:26 am

    This sounds like the perfect evening away! The hotel looks beautiful x

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