Camden date night

I love food, I love coffee and I love hanging out with my Boyfriend so you can imagine when I combine all three of these I am a pretty happy girl. So me and Ben have been trying to make a point of actually doing things when we spend time together. Also what with Ben being from the North it’s nice to venture around London with someone who’s not local. So we ventured over to Camden for the day. Safe to say the weather wasn’t on our side and having a day date is always fun as there are more things open and to do.

We wandered around and obviously our first stop was for coffee because we are both pretty obsessed with a good coffee genuinely think its the main reason he hangs out with me. We wandered down by the lock and found a lovely little coffee shop and I obviously ordered a brownie! I love the fact our dates literally consist of us just rambling on about stuff that others wouldn’t find remotely interesting but I love it. It was pretty chill that day so all the hot drinks had to be consumed.

I find Camden now days is really hit and miss, back before they ‘did it up’ I use to love going vintage shopping and having a good rummage but it seems to now sell knock off goods and tat which makes it harder to hunt out all the good stuff, so having realised this and what with the weather getting damper we ventured into one of my favourite pubs in Camden, the infamous Hawley Arms made famous by the lovely Amy winehouse (an other celebs) managed to bag a sofa seat and snuggled down to talk even more rubbish. I love the fact this pub is always bustling and busy but it doesn’t ever feel over crowded or uncomfortable.

Now when it comes to choosing something to eat and if I know there is a Diner near by I will always pretty much opt for it, I know the food is pretty tasty, friendly staff and its warm. So we headed to the one in Camden mainly to shelter from the rain and to keep our Hangry demons at bay I went for a Veggie hot dog and he went for a burger so safe to say we were both pretty well fed and content.

Lets talk about my date outfit, when ever I have a day date I do sometimes struggle wearing anything fancier then jeans, it’s just who I am and I have come to terms with it but I discovered this amazing topshop dress in the sale last week and is now pretty much my go to outfit when I am feeling shitty.

I teamed it up with my public desire thigh high boots ( fun little collab coming soon) and hey presto you have a day to night date outfit. I find if I keep it simple I feel way less self conscious and that’s always a bonus in my eyes.


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  1. February 8, 2017 / 8:25 pm

    Lovely post! That hotdog looks delicious

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