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Guys I hold my hands up I am literally the worst when it comes to this blogging thing, I fill Instagram up daily but I am struggling with finding enough relevant words to fill a blog post with. My days seem to just fill my days with painting and work and seem to neglect writing. I am currently stealing moments as my Nephew snores his head off. I have actually been having a life but for some reason am struggling to share it with people on my blog, Instagram no problems but on my blog can’t seem to write, really odd what my brain blocks me from doing.

So I thought I would give you a little quick life update, I have been spending my time working between client work and my new found love for my Midori sketchbook, I have been desperately wanting to film a few youtube videos but with a rather broken MacBook it looks like that idea has to be put back on the shelf until I get myself a new laptop, when your mac is nearly Ten years old its probably about time I got myself a new one.

Life has been pretty same old same old other then my trip to Morocco a few weeks ago with a friend that I am still editing photos for, I had never had a proper holiday so this was a really exciting trip to get under my belt, the colours and culture are so different to Britain that it really inspired me with my work which I think it was something I really needed. When I’m not working on new products and ideas its been nice to take a little time to myself and recharge. I wont share to much about me and the boy but he’s a babe and has really helped me enjoy my days off, it’s always wonderful to have a partner in crime and I’ll share a little bit more on that over the next few days.

Things have been great work wise and plodding along is what I am currently doing, but tonight I will be sitting  down and getting a lot more real with myself in the way of goals and I am setting myself a six month plan which to be honest isn’t like me I avoid planning due to fear of failing but I feel like this is something I really need to tackle to help me sort my anxieties out.

So while the little nephew snoozes I had better get those client pieces scanned and sent hadn’t I, anyway thanks for stopping by and reading the ramblings.



  1. May 15, 2017 / 6:23 pm

    Your work is beautiful. I totally understand where you are coming from I struggle to write posts too but can always keep up to date with my Instagram.

  2. May 17, 2017 / 12:59 am

    Same girl! It's been super difficult for me to keep up with the whole blogging thing all the time, especially when I would much rather just focus on real life sometimes. I'm happy to hear that you're slowly getting back on track, and am super excited for you to go on your trip to Morocco (eeeek!). That would be the absolute dream for me. 🙂

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// Lifestyle & Beauty
    Let’s be BLOGLOVIN friends!

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