Behind the scenes of my tattoo vases.

 The last few weeks have been pretty busy and have had me travelling about with a few press events, award ceremonies and living without my boyfriend as he is away in Australia at the moment, so I had a few plain vases lying around in my studio and an idea popped into my head whilst I was working on a few commissions to bring back my old tattoo style that had been hidden in my sketchbook for the last few weeks and just to put it down onto the vases. 

It actually only took me around 2 hours to draw up  and complete the vase, I shared it over on Instagram and its had a wonderful response each piece is one off and I just love doing them, it’s nice to be able to fuse my love for tattoos and home ware, between client work I am working on ceramic tiles as well just for a little bit of fun, it’s nice to make sure you actually do your own work and mix that up with more steady pieces of work. I decided to go with the black background as it’s so different to the brightly coloured vases from my Forget me Knot collection. You can actually purchase the black peony vase over on Ella Masters Studio store. 


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