Decorating my studio

I think I probably spend 75% of my time in my studio space and every so often I get annoyed and freaked out at it just because I don’t actually put my art stuff away while I’m creating making the space pretty claustrophobic, so once a big client piece is done I  spend my time cleaning it all out and then replacing the images around my desk with new things I have collected over the last few months. 

This keeps my inspiration pretty fresh and my ideas varied. 

The majority of my the items that line my walls are created by me, but there are a few pieces that I have collected from Antique shops, Art shops, charity shops. But I always try and combine a mix of everything that makes me happy and if I can’t find a piece that I think will work well I paint myself something, know it helps being an artist but you can now pick up great pieces of art on Etsy and across the internet. 

I’ve recently been loving learning to sign write and the two pieces that I have been working on now appear on the walls of my studio which I am really loving, also the leather jackets I have been working on have been dotted about my space so that always puts a smile on my face. 

I have always collected things to display and some people would find my space cluttered and until I move into my own house it will remain like this as I like having things around me that make me happy and keep me inspired. I really tried to be minimalist  but I found it far too much pressure to keep things clean so I scrapped the idea of caring and just dismay own thing.

I have a serious love for tin signs have since I  was a little kid and I have collected a few American number plates and I always keep my eyes peeled when I’m visiting car shows and antique shops as they’re not the priciest thing in the world and make for really individual pieces. 

I do often get asked where I pick up my large frames and really it depends on your price range but I never spend more then £10 on a frame and my top places to visit would be Ikea, Tiger and Wilkinson for plan simple frames. Have my eye on a few prints in other artists shops at the moment, but I think once my birthday has rolled around I’ll see if I can snap a few up with the remaining pennies after my new tattoo. So I had better get using my desk and painting.



  1. August 28, 2017 / 6:49 am

    Even though I'm embracing the minimal as much as I can, seeing all these gorgeous pictures of your space is making me think twice about it too! I love that your studio looks like a walk-in cabinet of curiosities; so many pretty trinkets and gorgeous pieces to look at – I wouldn't even know where to start! 🙂

  2. September 2, 2017 / 11:52 pm

    Love youR sPACE…Showing Life that is Lived!
    Kudos to You for living your Authentic self 🙂
    I share the same style as yourself…my curiosities
    of clutter fills my Creative Soul. Onward with collecting
    practicals of the Universe…Hugs, Reggie

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