What inspires me to draw?

I felt in recent months I have lost my way a tad when its come to my independent work, I’ve felt the weight of the internet and the endless scrolling and absorbing of everyone else successes and I’ve felt myself judging, second guessing and absorbing things that just aren’t me. So I sat myself do whilst I was having a bit of an artist’s block and really tried to figure out what keeps me drawing and inspired. 

No matter where I go in life or what I do work wise I always end up back being inspired by tattoos, probably my longest running obsession that and Beatrix potter strange combination I know, but anyway after feeling the weight of the Internet on my shoulders to create colour meaningful work I’ve felt a little lost. I decided to head back to what I know and love and thats tattoos, my sketchbooks have since I can remember been filled with scrolls, swallows, guitars and intricate line work, so I thought it was about time that I embraced those styles that I love and create some pretty meaningful pieces. 

I picked up this The Brothers Bray co gym style bag from a charity shop when out with Josie a few weeks ago I think for £6 and felt that it could be a little fun project to get me started. I decided to do a freehand script on the back of the bag and a free hand tiger’s head I’m not 100% happy with the head but I do truly love it. I’ve just used standard Acrylic paint as once it’s dried it’s pretty stubborn to remove. 

I have some exciting plans for new products for my shop which is spurring me forward a few illustrated jackets, totes and pins and really throw myself back into creating good quality merchandise and possibly explore my love for handwriting and hand lettering, obviously it’s not helped binging on 7 seasons of sons of Anarchy to inspire me to look at vintage Harley’s and Triumps. It really has been nice to get back to my desk put some good music on and just create, I have a new set of prints coming out this week and a few of my old stock will be discontinued to make why for some fun new pieces. 


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