creating a cozy space for Autumn

One of the favourite parts of my job is probably the fact I get to work from home, I get to fill my space with all the things that inspire me, I am pretty lucky that I get that opportunity. I recently ventured to Ikea to get a few things to fill my space with, I am still lusting over an armchair but I think I’ll just wait until I move before I invest in a big old arm chair, anyway I picked up some new shelves and excitedly picked up a square pin board which has completely changed my wall space. 

When the season changes it’s tough to often be motivated to work, the space is dark and slightly depressing so I decided to invest a little money in framing art work clearly, organising the desk space but mainly creating a warm and comfortable space. 

Whilst in T K Maxx I came across some pretty fab smelling candles, I only ever really use my Candles in the winters as the nights draw in it’s nice to light certain fragrances to perk up my space. I often go for sweet smelling candles, my favourite shops to get my favourite scented candles from are Tk Maxx, slightly pricer candles that do smell Devine from Anthropologie  and I’ma little bit in love with Lily flame for beautiful scents. Don’t get me wrong everyone rates Diptyque but I just can’t light my two often because they’re so pricey. 

Once I have set down to work in my space I actually treated myself to studio slippers from primark, I spent a crazy £2.50 on a pair and it’s important to keep the old circulation when you’re sat at your work desk for a few hours and last year my feet where constantly freezing so a little comfort goes a long way. I think investing in your space is really important when you work for yourself as you’ll be spending so much time in it getting it perfect is really important. 


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