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So I had a wee bit of an epiphany  last night as I lay in bed, 2018 is the year I get my confidence back in my business and seeing so many amazing women online in 2017 make such stride in their business I questioned myself and realised these people are no better then me an I was more then capable then reaching my full potential. I took a few steps which I have spoken about in this blog post about my mini break down. Lost of things had stopped me mainly in my head and I’ve decided to just making things work.

As I lay in bed last night, I realised that I have got this wealth of wonderful readers and followers who either follow me for me opinion, art or fashion sense so why not capitalise on this and give something back to people who have been following me, supporting me and buying from me for years. I want to share my knowledge on being a creative person. I really know nothing about writing course but I have taken that leap and I am penning my first e-course. This will be a FREE 7 day course on being more creative everyday. It will swiftly be followed by full on watercolour course, how to decorate your studio and more in-depth creative courses later in February so if you do want to be involved and nab a free course then please sign up to my mailing list  in which as soon as the course is ready you’ll be able to download and get involved its for everyone you’ll just need a pen or pencil the ability to print something off and a hand to draw.


Also there is FREE SHIPPING in my shop at the moment for all my new cards, so if you fancy a pretty unique valentines card please use code SHIP18 for free shipping.


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