Where have you been in the last few months?

What do people blog about these days? its felt like a complete lifetime since I sat down purposely  to blog my life has changed so much in the last 6 months. Not a lot of it for the better I might add but thats something I’ll talk about on another day. I suppose I should share with the world I am now 30, its one of those big birthdays were I panicked at the idea but now a week or so in I’m not too fussed about being 30 I certainly don’t look 30 yet so I’ll worry about my age in a few years time.

I have been wanting to get back into sharing more of my thoughts online like I use to but I’ve just not found sufficient words or anything of significants to write about. Then I remembered that its my space and really I can write about anything I fancy. I find the world of blogging pretty daunting these days with Glossy magazine style shoots and in-depth talks about stuff. But I missed typing my thoughts so here I am trying to get back into the swing of these. I typed this blog post up a few times and the pesky thing never saved!

I guess I should start by saying to anyone that has stuck around thank you and I hope in that time you joined me over at Ella Masters Instagram   Thank you if you have. You might’ve seen a few trips me and boyfriend have been on, we have been thinking about moving out of London all together and buying a place together up North as thats where he’s from. I am originally from London but the houses prices in the area I live just mean that first time buyers will never get on the property ladder down here, sad times but I think moving north means we will be able to find something pretty lovely so I can’t complain. I have however been creating interior Pinterest boards like its no ones business. I did recently go to a pretty exciting Pinterest brunch where they had speakers and we could network. Its helped me fall in love with the platform and help me understand it a little more, I dragged my bum to it as it had been my first proper event I had been to since my brother passed away, so it did take a hell of a lot of inner strength to get my bum back into networking.

Anyway life moves pretty fast when you aren’t documenting I decided back in July that I wanted to create my own jewellery brand Love and Luck Jewellery, with the hope of soon branching into a silversmithing course. I’ll get myself the perfect course soon I’m sure but the moment I am really enjoying running my jewellery shop. I did have a little jewellery shop many moons ago when I came out of Uni, this one however is mainly inspired by my love of second hand jewellery and being able to give it a new lease of life. I recently had a set of zodiac charm necklaces on sale that sold out in fifty two minutes which is craziness! The shop has been featured in Oh Comely magazine as well as being picked up by the lovely kernow craft and shared on their blog and newsletter only 1 weeks after opening, as a little gift to my long standing blog post followers use code WELCOME30 for 30% (as I was recently 30) on all orders over £10.

I have sadly let my drawing dwindle into nothingness not confidently being able to take on any clients since my twitter collaboration in March. The death of my brother having an impact on that not able to commit my time fully to the whims of big companies when I’m having a rough day peering through hasn’t been something available to me. But I am feeling far more capable as of the last few days to confidently say yes to clients again.

I have however been able to keep on top of my #ella365project over on Instagram, its been a struggle a few days, lack of inspiration, lack of time and lack of working posca pens but its taught me many things which I’ll soon be sharing this in an up and coming blog post. I’ve never completed a full sketchbook before so that was something really exciting when I had completed it and onto my second I think its going to take me 4 sketchbook pages worth to complete my year long project but I have already stocked up on these so I don’t have to worry too much as they are pretty inexpensive.

So I guess thats my life up till now, nothing really ground breaking just trying to readjust my sales after loosing my brother in March and trying to refined my path in life. It’s taken a hell of a lot of adjustment, tears and heartache. It’s only been 6months but I feel as of today a little bit more like me. So thats something.


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  1. September 9, 2018 / 6:09 pm

    I am so proud of you. Take all the time you need – your art will come back to you. xxx

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