Nominated for product of the year with Mollie Makes

How exciting is this and how very delayed am I at blogging about it?! I haven’t actually shared it really due to my work load being crazy and not having a moment to sit down and actually write something. So I have been nominated (well rather my vase has) for product of the year VOTE for my vase for the Mollie Makes product of the year, which is so exciting after a full year of completing a drawing a day called #ella365project and subsequently having a solo exhibition, I wanted to create a few vases inspired by my positive project book, that came about after my brother took his own life, I wanted to focus a bit of my attention a day and a way to cope with my grief I would take my post pens and do one drawing a day. You can see so much more via the hashtag on my Instagram – @_ellamasters_  

I never normally push for myself to win anything, but after a year of solid work to have my creations acknowledge I would really really love it if I did walk away with the prize, but if I don’t I’ll be equally chuffed that the work has been acknowledged so If you did want to vote I am no.1 in the grid you just have to out your email in and then finish a sum so they know you aren’t a robot and hey presto completed form! You can Vote HERE and ill be sharing on my Instagram the award ceremony that is being held in Bristol. Totally treated myself to a nights stay (same hotel I stayed when I painted my gromit) as the fun begins early Monday!


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