Trying to be a little more environmentally friendly then most Jewellery stores.

It’s been a fair few months since I added anything to myLove and Luck store, I first set it up back in June 2018 as I couldn’t find jewellery I wanted in any online shops, so Love and Luck was born. I’ve been away from running it for around six months due to my heavy illustration workload. But now I’m juggling both my illustration clients and jewellery shop a little better I thought its about time I got my new Ada collection in store.

It comprises of well loved Antiques I’ve hunted out over the last six months along with more affordable charm necklaces that I’ve fashioned together myself. A lot of coin charms and trinkets make up the necklaces themselves and if I’m honest I kinda want to keep them all for myself. There are also a lot of mix and match charm earrings.

I have also taken the time out to look at the packaging I was using for the jewellery goodies, and I’ve decided to be a bit more echo friendly with reusable bags, reusable stamp branding, cardboard and recycled card where ever I can. I think its so important to think where your packaging will for your shop will eventually end up once your customer is wearing the item.

You can shop my New Ada Collection here.


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