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Jelly tots

Here are a couple more doodles to show you, from my sketchbook & the pink drawing is a lil doodle iv done on the front of my sketchbook.


A new approach to my work

These are to of the many different canvases that i produced for my first solo exhibition at babahogs art cafe in falmouth, http://www.babahogs.com/ they were inspired by fairy tale art & poetry, i used slow colours to create a subtle…


Skateboard Art

These are a few close up photos of two skateboards that i have been working on for the past couple of months they were both exhibited at the babahogs art cafe in falmouth http://www.babahogs.com/ I have been painting & drawing…


a couple of doodles

These are a few drawings that i have been doing over the past couple of months in my sketchbook, im working from photographs which i have taken & iv been mainly woking in biro & marker pen.



This painting was done using acrylics i went a bit crazy with the neon & gold but thats always a theme that runs through out most of my works, i draw most of my insipiratin from music & youth culture.…


These photos are some of the first pictures that i took with my brand new amazing holga camera. The colours are pretty bright, but i really like the washed out effect that you can achieve when using this camera.


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