What Inspires you?

Most things mainly wandering down little lanes in unknown places searching for brick’a’brack, 

the sea inspires me,

photos of cowboys

Old photos, 


my Grandma’s jewellery box,

My childhood,

Collecting things,



pirate stories,

there is so much that inspires me its crazy.

How did you start RubyRaeLove?

I recently came out of a serious relationship and i was really heartbroken so i threw myself into my work at the time i was unemployed, and i really wanted to raise £85 to do a jewellery design course, i made a few things and posted them online after 3 days i had tripled the amount i need to fund for the jewellery course. Then my customers just flowed in, hard work and organization is the key…it can be stressful but i am getting there.

It has always been my dream to own a shop with a coffee/Tea shop and a vintage/art/gallery thing.  So i am working for that and saving.

How do you stay creative?

I always keep a journal on me, i find if i pour all the info, stresses worries that are in my head into this journal it leaves me enough space in my head and my other journals to be creative. Dont force it, it wont come from march till late may i hadn’t drawn a single thing (heartbreak is a funny thing) but i just let it come naturally to me let it flow.

If you draw something (even if it is small) once a day you will build a steady flow of creativity.

When it comes to jewellery, it has been my hobby since i was 5 to collect and make my own jewellery, i dont think i have ever had a creative jewellery block, i think its because i never put a making pressure on myself. Keep your mind free.

Will you send me free jewellery to advertise on my blog if i email you asking? 

The simple answer at the moment is no, not that i wouldn’t want to share my creations with everyone right now i don’t really have the money or finical backing to be giving away a piece to everyone that emails me. I do love to give away free things so keep your eyes peeled for my giveaways.

Can i borrow your pictures for one of my posts? 

Certainly if you credit the photo/illustration back to me / Say i made it that would be fine.

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