23 April 2011

super bad...

SuperBad Bloopers, this will make you smile.
Bracelet : RubyRaeLove
So today i discovered that i was good at golf that is not something i thought i would ever say but i had a rather enjoyable day hitting little white balls around a field ha, and yes i did get my dosage of michael cera today me and my brothers decided to watch superbad the best film ever ( pretty sure i have watched it like 50 times) i wish i could quote it here but it is beyond rude, and all the best quotes are rude.

I will be spending the next few days making all my orders and head-dresses and i am working ridiculously hard to stud my denim jacket up ready to wear buy oh my word hasn't it been hot here in england amazing i have rather silly tan lines.

It is pretty simple to cover the old denim jacket in studs, i have over 500 of them so i think i have more then enough, my fingers just hurt a little bit with the sharp edges, i was going through my summer clothes today and discovered my Vintage levi denim mini- skirt that i tossed into the summer clothes pile hoping that i would loose weight so i could put it back on and i slowly put it on, in shock that now it fits me, so i wore that today i will post some pictures tomorrow. I am thinking of covering it in studs but i am a bit worried if i but them on the back that i will end up piercing my bottom ha! Oh if anyone wants to know where i get my studs from they are from JosyRose wonderful site.

i hope everyone gets lots of wonderful easter eggs tomorrow i think after tomorrow the diet might have to start, i woke up this morning and the first thing i did was eat fudge, i do love junk food.


  1. I LOVE superbad, amazing. That bracelet is gorgeous xxx

  2. ha, loving the images..haven't seen it yet..but might have to now! ;) xoxo


  3. I know what you mean about the studs hurting your fingers :O mine killed for days after studding my denim shorts lol Oh and SUPERBAD!!! :) Love that film! Totally gonna watch it tomorrow!!! :)

  4. Love the studs, and can't wait to see how it all turns out xxx

  5. ps. thank you for the bracelets. we'll be adding some images on the blog next week, and we're both wearing our bracelets in them :)

  6. The studs look ace! Just made a demin waistcoat out of an old BHS kids jacket and going to stud it next week!

    Happy easter :)


  7. My breakfast of choice atm is biscuits sooo i'm right with you on the healthy eating plan...though even mentioning health on easter sunday is ridiculous...chocolate coma here i come! x

  8. That bracelet is lovely, my wrists are very skinny though :/ Love what you're doing with the denim jacket! Happy easter and yay fur sunshine xx

  9. oh they are lovely! do you wanna give away any of the other online places you get stuff ;) xxx

  10. I just found your blog, I love it and your so inspiring :)
    izzy ,3 xx

  11. Ah the weather has been redic nice! I love it. I wish i tanned more :( oh i wish i had as good as a relationship with my brothers like you do. I'm a triplet i SHOULD be close to them :( oh well. I've never wathed super bad and i am ashamed of it.. I think i need to! I do love a bit of micheal cera. The denim jacket looks great! I want to do this to mine xxx

  12. I love your jacket it's gorrrrrgeous! I've been looking for a studded denim jacket for a while but I may just have to follow your lead and get creative! I thought I was following you turns out I'm not :-( going to now though! xxxx

  13. Love the studded jacket! I have a tendency to stud everything, but ended up with cheap studs last time. Will definitely check out that site. Thanks!


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